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The ATF was born in 2016 from an idea of ​​the Caldarelli brothers, dynamic and motivated entrepreneurs in giving life to their own project thanks to the experience gained in the father's company, it is based in nola in the commercial center of the ASI area.


The company philosophy is based on three fundamental values:

PASSION: in following and interpreting constantly evolving trends;

KNOW HOW: derived from decades of experience in the sector, it allows you to accurately manage the creation and production phases, paying attention to imprint unique characteristics on each fashion collection;

MADE IN ITALY: Fabrics and yarns combined with the unmistakable Italian craftsmanship are carefully selected to guarantee each garment a unique value.


In addition to the incessant research on trends, there is also the innovation of the production process, the training of personnel and company information that make the company one of the most solid nationally.

ATF distributes its product throughout the national territory and some foreign territories, through a network of multi-brand sales points.

The company has developed a retail project identifying useful opportunities for the affirmation of the brand through the opening of direct monobrand stores and subsequently franchises.


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